“La Vida Es Fria”

Sharpening soul music’s edge, buzzing Miami-based singer and songwriter Jason Joshua proudly presents a cinematic music video for his fan favorite single “La Vida Es Fria” via Mango Hill

Jason teamed up with iconic Los Angeles-based photographer, director, and artist Estevan Oriol [Cypress Hill: Insane In The Brain (Showtime), LA Originals (NETFLIX)] to helm the visual. Shot in 16mm by cinematographer Christopher Blauvelt [Speed, The Game, Emma], the clip captures the trials and tribulations of daily life. We follow Jason through era-less blue-collar struggles in a rough working-class neighborhood. While he fixes his car, he catches the eye of a young lady only to see her again as he finally takes the stage in the final act of the video. The action mirrors the icy, smooth cadence of the song as his voice rings out on the hook, “The world can be so cold. La vida es fria.”

Some people play & dabble in the idiom of Latin Soul & Funk music. Jason Joshua lives it. “La Voz De Oro” (the golden voice in Spanish) came from his many live performances in the north and south regions of California and back in his hometown in Miami, Florida. Inspired by Joe Bataan, Ralfi Pagan, Pérez Prado & James Brown, Jason Joshua’s live shows are explosive & songs are crafted with the same tenacity. As the resurgence of classic soul or “Souldies” hit throughout California, Texas & worldwide in the UK & Japan in the last 5 years, Jason made his debut as Jason Joshua & The Beholders with his song “Rose Gold.”

Later on, in 2020 Jason would release his highly anticipated LP Alegría Y Tristeza. Met with positive reviews like “30 minutes on the nose, Jason Joshua and the Beholder’s debut LP Alegría Y Tristeza on his own Mango Hill Records is a quick and effective dose of sultry soul. The Miami-based singer skillfully toes the line between winsome falsetto and raw, reflective tenor, while cruising atop timeless production that occupies a sweet spot between Deep City and T.K. Productions. “Poor Boy” is a simple yet poignant depiction of the blue- collar struggle. There’s nothing phony about Joshua’s everyman ethos, which radiates throughout this album.” – J. Steele.

In 2021, Jason released “Se Acabo´” a bilingual lament about the challenges of navigating mental illness within the context of a romantic relationship. Jason pleads “Her heart was a butterfly flying through the winds of the hurricane of her mind” as he comes to grips with the fact that in spite of his undying love she may never return. Accompanied by a grooving, unrelenting beat, he distills the pain down to an elixir of high-proof soul sure to requite the lovelorn among us.


Brother Ali is an underground Hip Hop icon, speaker, and community leader.  His two-decade resume includes critically-acclaimed albums, mentorships with Hip Hop legends Chuck D and Rakim, and performances on late night shows with Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien.

His provocative and uplifting brand of Hip Hop has earned him coveted press features like Rolling Stone’s 40th anniversary and Source Magazine’s “Hip Hop Quotables”, while his outspoken social justice message has landed him on government watch lists.  He’s also lectured at universities from Princeton to Stanford and delivered the keynote address at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum.

When he’s not rocking the mic at Coachella or being arrested fighting for social justice, Brother Ali travels the world learning and teaching Islamic Spirituality. Ali hosts The Travelers Podcast from his new home in Istanbul, with over 100 episodes exploring life’s journey with artists and thought leaders from across the globe. 

After decades as a prominent mainstay on the Indy Rap powerhouse Rhymesayers roster, Brother Ali established his own Travelers Media imprint. Love & Service is the first major release on this new platform.