Juggernaut Sound is a tight-knit group of PR professionals with the skills and versatility necessary to cater to each of your PR goals. While this list of services outlines what we do best in the most general sense, please be aware that we offer a variety of more specific PR services pertaining to the goals of each individual project.

Music Publicity Campaigns

We are well known for our customized creation of music campaigns for high-profile artists, producers, record companies, brands and music festivals. Campaigns include the servicing of music, music videos, press releases and media alerts to all major national and regional outlets across the U.S.

Concert Tour Press 

We have provided tour press support for dozens of touring acts throughout the continental U.S. and beyond. We have strong relationships in every tour market and help by getting media coverage of the events through television appearances, show reviews, artist interviews and special promotions.

Music Festival PR

We have been the press crew on the ground for several music festivals throughout the U.S. We work directly with festival promoters to meet their media goals prior to, during and after each event.

Event PR

We’ve been very successful in the curation, organization and handling of several events including album listenings and release parties, award show events, brand launches, convention panels and festival showcases. We’ve also represented and handled several clients at high profile events, award shows and red carpet premieres.

Brand Representation

We have represented a number of brands looking to raise awareness for their products within the media landscape. We work closely with the brand and their ambassadors to create original concepts for media placement, contests and special events.

Label Representation

We represent several independent music labels and have been successful in getting business related press looks in top tier television shows, newspapers and magazines.