Tech N9ne Feature on LA Weekly

"Let's get one thing straight: I don't dislike Tech N9ne. But recently I made him very angry, which is not ideal, considering he's an aggressive, independent rapper who paints his face, has hordes of hardcore fans and has named himself after a semi-automatic gun. It all started in March, when I reviewed his show at the Paid Dues festival. While it was a mostly laudatory review, it also said that his delivery 'can feel redundant and gimmicky.' I didn't think Tech would ever see it, much less be affected by it. So, the review far from my mind, I set up an interview with Tech for this story. But the morning I'm scheduled to talk with the Kansas City rapper, who these days lives in the Valley, his A&R rep and publicist, Richie Abbott, tells me to listen to 'Fragile,' the Kendrick Lamar-assisted single from Something Else, Tech's just-released 13th LP. Driven by hard drums and a somber guitar riff, "Fragile' is a poignant offering from two artists feeling sensitive about their work, targeting critics who misinterpret it. 'It's about you,' Abbott tells me. 'You inspired the song. Congrats.' " -Courtesy of LA Weekly

  • Client: Tech N9ne
  • Project Date: 7/30/2013