MURS Album Review on Pitchfork

"Murs has been a lot of things in his career: president, conflicted indie rocker, scenic storyteller. While his versatility keeps him afloat, it’s tough to get a bead on exactly who Murs is and what he stands for—is he the conscious backpacker or the straight-talking street dude? He embodies the urban alternative, kids who crave artsy shit and push skateboards to the corner store, but after 18 years and many projects, there’s no single album that offers his full narrative. Have a Nice Life is perhaps the closest thing to such a release; many of these anecdotes pertain to Murs and offer insight into his California upbringing, finding the rapper at his most reflective. He’s assessing his current stature and how he arrived at this moment." - Courtesy of Pitchfork

  • Client: MURS
  • Project Date: 5/27/2015