Eric Biddines Music Video Premiere on MTV Jams

"You do not turn to adjust your set. The stations have not been renumbered. It is not a local channel you accidentally landed on playing Palm Beach rapper Eric Biddines's new video. You are in fact watching MTV Jams which has put Biddines's "Railroads Down/Unfinished" in heavy rotation. The song, off his 2013 album Planetcoffeebean 2, with its Southern roots and playful samples is earning him comparisons to Outkast. Which is one of the ultimate compliments." -Broward Palm Beach New Times

  • Client: Eric Biddines
  • Project Date: 2.5.15
"I couldn't see this coming until five years from now. Nobody from Palm Beach had ever made it on MTV. A lot of network program directors, PR people have been reaching out to me. Baron Davis, the basketball player tweeted something real cool to me. I don't follow sports, but one of my homeboys was like, 'Yo, Baron Davis one of the best point guards in the game likes you.' I had to Wikipedia him, but it's real cool for an athlete to mention me."
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