Ces Cru on Billboard’s “Emerging Picks of the Week”

"The title may allude to a movie star from Hollywood's Golden Era, but the hip-hop track is entirely of this century. A vintage-style loop anchors the track as Ces Cru's Godemis and Ubiquitous spit the verses and chorus with unrivaled synchronization; hardly a second of wasted space exists between tradeoffs. Ubiquitous acknowledges the pace as he rhymes, "You're pissed that I'm rappin' fast, well, I'm happy to spit slow / 'Cuz everything goes fast, I watch as it go past." The pair's anthem gives a nod to its titular figure toward the end with the line, "It's a wonderful life, maybe you get what you ask for, that's yours," an allusion to the 1946 classic starring Stewart. The song's video, however, parodies a non-Stewart film: the 1994 hit Pulp Fiction. The video's arrival on Sept. 25 triggered a No. 33 debut for the song on Emerging Artists. The song is the latest from the group's album Codename: Ego Stripper, released on Aug. 5." - Courtesy of Billboard

  • Client: Ces Cru
  • Project Date: 10/7/2014